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In Stores – For Dogs – ショップ ー 犬

Dog Food - ドッグフード

We believe that what goes inside the tummy is the most important thing in pet care. We can do without a new outfit, or wait for Christmas for a new toy or a blankie, but we try not to skimp on the food. After all, that’s what they eat Every Single Day. It is what sustains them. Your pets’ health and nutrition is our number one priority, so we try to make good nutrition as affordable as possible.
Here are some of the high quality brands that we carry in our store. For more information about any of these brands or to place an order, contact us today.
ペットを飼う時に一番大切なのは食べ物だと私たちは考えています。 ペットの健康が大優先なのでペットフードは妥協できません。なので、質の良いペットフードをお買い求めやすい値段で提供することを心がけています。

Dog Toys - 犬のおもちゃ

We carry a variety of active and safety gear for your sporty pet. Most of our toys are made in the US with natural rubber, and thank goodness – they FLOAT, too!

Dog Treats - 犬のおやつ

When we treat our furry friends, we want to feel confident that the treats are great tasting and good for our dogs. That is why we carry the following brands of Dog Treats.

Dog Beds - 犬のベッド

We have just what you are looking for to rest those weary paws. Not only are they comfy, but oh-so eco-friendly.

Dog Apparel, Collars, Leads - 犬のウェアー、首輪、リード

Yes, we all can use the prerequisite walk – the parents just as much as the pets. So why not go stroll in style? We have a wide selection to fit every pooch…

Dog Grooming, Cleaning, Supplements - 犬のケア用品、消臭用品、サプリ

Ok. So our pets don’t really care if they smell like old cheese wrapped in a wet rag, but we parents mind it very much. We have a variety of gentle and natural grooming products to help you keep the little ones’ skin healthy and the hair shiny and fluffy.
We also carry a number of items to keep those ‘accident’ areas clean and scent-free, and other products to keep unwanted pests away naturally.

And for everything else: See you in store!